Printing for the Waaaaagh !!!!!

In an odd turn of a events I had a friend ask me if I could print him 15 Grot Tanks…. I scratched my melon for a moment and said sure why not. Mistake number one…. Mistake number two came in the form of printing many of the pieces as is, this not only caused them to be printed with supports but also increased the print time. Mistake number three hit when I realized I didn’t have enough filament on hand and needed to order some more with a quickness. The model he wanted is this one: Grot Tank (Type B) by karskin on Thingiverse: There’s also another one obviously since the above is Type B, here’s Type A Grot Tank (Type A) by karskin on Thingiverse: So once I got past all the mistakes things went pretty smoothly. I had all 3 printers cranking out parts and assembly was a breeze especially when it came to the parts I modified to print without supports. All said and done it took about 5 solid days of printing on all 3 printers to get these finished and 2.5 rolls of filament.