Purple Leather Purse and Checkbook cover

It was just a matter of time to be honest… I was watching one of Tony’s videos and the wife saw it and said she wanted me to make her one… so yeah… off to get purple leather dye I went.

Here’s the video for the build that Tony has, no need for me to make one when his is flawless:

The link for the pattern is down in the description but I warn you… be ready to spend a lot of money because the patterns are very cost effective, they are like potato chips, you can’t have just one.

So yeah… made the purse, then the wife tells me she got us some purple LSU checks which meant that now we needed a purple checkbook cover to match the purse and checks <facepalm>

Everything is made from 8oz vegetable tanned leather except I think I went a little thinner on the straps which means it’s 4-6oz. The stitching is simple saddle stitching with waxed cotton thread. As mentioned previously it was dyed purple using Feibings and same for the black parts. Don’t recall where I got the little Fleur de Lis but they got added along with the D-rings I know I picked up from Walmart some time back.

All said and done it was a nice little 2 day build and the wife loves it and you can see her toting it all over Milton these days… can’t hardly miss her, I am pretty confident in saying she’s the only gal in town sporting a purple covid mask, purple purse with matching checkbook cover, and purple hair.

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