Recent Acquisitions

So the past week has been rough in regards to getting time off from work, having energy to do much of anything, and battling the “Sunshine State’s” never ending downpours. That being said, I was still able to get out of the house and do some picking at local antique malls and thrift stores.

Where to start… let’s kick it off with the two very large planes.

Up first is an old Auburn Tool Company Thistlebrand plane from New York and dated to around the late 1800’s. It has a couple of issues but nothing that really can’t be fixed or that would prevent it from being used as is in a pinch.

Next we have a Stanley Rule and Level No. 27 Transitional Plane. It’s complete and in really good condition given it’s age and these were available from 1869 until the 1920’s. It’s a combination of the above style of plane and the new hand planes most people are accustomed to seeing. The reason for this is purely a marketing ploy to convert traditional woodworkers who used the previous style planes, into using the new style planes which were first avoided.

Let’s go ahead hit the one of item sitting in the pics, my little rock hammer which I grabbed purely to help set the blades in older planes and my new Japanese plane. It’s old and it was cheap so why not?

And last but not least are my two Bit & Brace ratcheting drills. One is a Stanley and the other is a Dunlap. Both of them were restored previously but I am not keen on the paint globbed all over them so that has to go at some point here in the near future.

So take a wild guess at what this bounty cost? If you know me you’ll probably be close but not quite…. All said and done, the grand total for these tools comes in at $47.83 !!! A steal in my book and I am so thrilled to have them and be able to put them back into service and into my collection and shop.

One thing I will be working at some point is a nice rack to put all my planes on so they’re ready when I need them. Presently my poor little Harbor Freight plane gets tossed all over the work bench and we don’t want to do that with these planes because not only are they old, but they are some heavy arse chunks of wood and steel !!!