Research – Stanley Defiance Tools

As fate would have it I get 3 days off on a weekend no less, and day one we’re all sick so our trip over to New Orleans got cancelled, day 2 we’re still sick and the barrel race got cancelled, tomorrow nothing is planned so I guess we’ll just be sick together lol.

Anyhow, not being one to just lay around and do nothing, I don’t count dying as doing something, I sat down in my chair and started tearing into the interwebs to find some juicy source material for my main collection of Stanley Defiance Tools and Planes:

I think what I am going to need to do here in the very near future is put each tool on a its own page because otherwise that page is going to be hell on the mouse wheels. Still, found a lot of useful information and applied it to the page so hop on over and check it out, you never know where you’ll find a Defiance tool sitting in plain sight…

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