Stanley Defiance – In Search Of

As part of my ambitious goal to assemble an 85% to 95% complete collection of all the Stanley Defiance planes and tools and then write a small book on it all; I am often looking for some things that I might see an image of. There are so many images on the internet claiming to be one thing or another and really just adding to the confusion. To help avoid confusion, I am only going to list tools here that I know for certain exist. I will also endeavor to include some pictures of what I am looking for.

  • Presently any all Defiance Tools by Stanley catalogs, advertisements, displays
  • Defiance 118 Egg Beater Drill – Quite possibly the first tool in the Defiance line
  • Defiance Hammers and Hatchets
  • Defiance Blacksmithing Tools

For right now I’ll stop there, I have a few other things I want to add but the catalogs are going to be very important to my project. If you have something on my list or you see that I do not have a tool while browsing the sections, reach out to me using the information on the left. If you do call me I most likely will not answer because I will be at work.