Say Hello to our Herd

When Covid broke out it got really hard to get much of anything accomplished, but we found something to keep us busy… REALLY BUSY.

After meeting a new friend and her horses, Kristy and I decided we wanted to get back into horses… well to do that, you of course need horses. So as soon as a friend said she had a horse that needed to be sold and it was something I wanted, I started saving money an in no time we were picking up what would affectionately be known as Destructo-Horse, actually his name is Samson and he’s a Percheron which is a type of draft horse along the lines of Clydesdale’s. Samson had a deformity caused by an injury when he was in the pasture with some mare, one of them kicked in his nether region and damaged the tendon that allowed him to retract his penis… yes, this massive 3 foot long was just hanging out. Well we picked him up and within a few days we were heading to Auburn University for him have a surgery called a phalectomy… yup, they whacked off his wiener. It weighed an astonishing 6 pounds, they also gelded him and when they did that, each testicle weighed 2 pounds each for a grand total of 10 pounds of “junk” removed. So he was among the first. Here’s some pics of him.

Coming up next was the adoption of a mustang for Kristy so she could have a horse of her own. Well that turned into two mustangs…. that’s right, we adopted two wild mustangs because the lady on site accepted PayPal and was willing to float me the amount for the second mustang till the weekend. Let me tell you, these horses are like crack !!!

As of the time of this post, Kristy’s horse Arya ( named after Arya Stark ) is off at training and I have some pics I’ll get of her on her last legs of training. Mine is still largely untrained and it’s not for lack of trying, we’ve made a lot of progress and I’m not in any hurry to be honest. I named mine Ashildr after a character on Doctor Who who is played by the same actress who plays Arya on Game of Thrones so there’s the connection. Anyhow here’s some pics of the mustangs:

Ashildr is the one with the halter on in the pics, Arya doesn’t have a halter.

Coming Soon – Nymeria, Kristy’s Tennessee Walker

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