Shop Works

Seems it’s been a while since I’ve updated my poor blog here but that’s primarily because management in a c-store keeps me on my toes and running around like a Pting trying to get full.

Nonetheless I’ve made some upgrades to the shop to include the addition of an air compressor on a cart with a worktable on top as well as a new bench grinder to replace the one my wife’s dog ate a few years back and finally a band saw, both of which have their own cart.

I’ve also been exploring new things such as half-lap joints and inset table tops which has led me to create the tops for 2 new carts.

I’ve also upgrades my cordless selection with a new Ryobi belt sander and 6 piece cordless tool set which I am absolutely in love with.

There’s also a 3D printer pocket hole jig which works smashingly.

The final addition as of late to the shop has been a family of cats, 1 mother named Cinder and her 4 kittens ( there were 5 but she offered one up to the dog gods, literally, she took it to the dogs to be killed )

All in all the shop is still coming along nicely and we’re working on deciding how to go about some climate control in there so I don’t bake my little brain or freeze my goodies off.

Looking forward to my 2 days off this week so I can get more done out there and build something else. I love watching YouTube videos from a few folks that have really given me the confidence to make things now that I have the proper tools. AND THEY COME OUT STRAIGHT AND WORK RIGHT !!!

Other plans/plots/upgrades in the works are to build a small sawmill since for some reason people keep offering me logs and I’d love to be able to make my own lumber to work with. I’m going to be doing some more 3D printing of shop tools and accessories like clamps, jigs, etc.