Siege Mode Tardis

Having knocked out the Mini Tardis prop, the next thing I wanted to do was create the Tardis in Siege Mode as see the same episode, Flatline. To do this I found several images of all the sides, compiled and scaled them, cleaned them up in photoshop, checked them against other images and then took them over to Shapeways 2D to 3D app and made all the sides. Once the models for the sides were made I printed them up, glued them all together, touched it all up with a little glazing putty, sanded it some, then painted it. The result was just what I wanted…. a Tardis in Siege Mode. Here’s a picture of mine on the left and the one from the episode on the right.    And for those who want to make on of their own…. here’s the images I made that you can load up in Shapeways 2D to 3D app online Just use the app linked above to create your 3D files, I used Netfabb to turn them into STL files for printing. You can use the files to make your own Siege Mode Tardis but don’t go selling them and don’t go selling the models on Etsy.