Siraya Tech 3D Printer Resin Review

In my search for a cost effective resin to use for mass production of parts for both personal use and for customer orders I came across an affordable resin by the folks over at Siraya Tech.

There’s actually two resins, both of which are in the clear and translucent family and have great curing properties in addition to a hidden secret !!!

Before we get too far into this, here are the links to the resins I purchased on Amazon, I highly recommend both of these and I will post the settings I used with my Elegoo Mars printers below. These are also in line with what Siraya Tech has posted on their website for using their resin with the Mars printers… more on that in a bit:

So there’s the resins, now the neat thing about these is they state that it requires only 15% IPA to clean… in fact, it doesn’t require any and will come clean with warm water. How’s that for a hidden gem ??? Now there is a downside to this… if you leave a hollow model with water trapped inside, it will crack and warp so you need to get it dry and cured as soon as possible. Other than that, woo hoo !!! This means it’s $10.00 to $15.00 cheaper than other water washable resins on the market for a 1000mL bottler.

How does it print and perform you ask ???

I like it. Being clear in respect to the clear, or translucent in regards to the simple smoky black it allows the UV light to penetrate the resin deeper and cure better in a shorter amount of time. This not only helps your parts come out better and minimize warping but also helps go a long way in speeding up print times. Some of the Team Yankee stuff I’m printing was taking upwards of 10 hours to print with opaque resins but with this stuff it’s all under 5 hours a batch now. This means I can double my productivity. Also means I have to double my orders to Amazon to get more resin each week to keep the ever hungry printers fed lol.

So the settings… I don’t need to post mine because check this out:

On that page you will find links to each of their resins they offer. Those links in turn take you to a google spreadsheet that lists all of the information for several printers like in my case, the Elegoo Mars. So just go there, get the settings and put them into Chitubox and you’re literally set to go. It works, the settings are perfect and aside from some infill settings which are all up to you, that’s it.

The quality of the prints I’ve had with these resins is great. I’ve printed some models for Team Yankee and the detail is superb. I’ve also printed miniatures for my Warhammer 40k Army and they turned out really great. They prime nicely and paint well so no complaints there at all.

As for curing… as you know I have the Elegoo Mercury EZ-Bake oven thingy and in 4 minutes I can cure most parts. When I fill the tray I generally just set it for the nine and a half minutes and everything comes out hunky dory. There’s no real discoloration other than the thinner parts are clearer in regards to the smoky black which is actually more of a smoky blue.

So let’s get on with the pro’s and con’s:

The Pro’sThe Con’s
– Water Washable
– Smooth Flowing
– Little to no shrinkage noticed
– Packaged well in hard foam and dark bottles
– Supports come of easily right after printing
– FULL instructions and settings available online for various printer models. MAJOR PRO POINT !!!
– $10-$15 cheaper than most water washable resins on the market.
– Somewhat oily texture that is hard to cleanup
– Supports can be hard to remove if left on too long
– Potential to warp and crack if water is left on/in a model too long.

So there is my take on the Siraya Tech Simple Clear and Smoky Black resins. You can get both of these on Amazon and if you use Prime you can get them in 2 days which is a big game changer when you’re trying to keep the printers fed and customers happy.

As I mentioned above, having the support page for their resin settings is a huge bonus for me. As someone still new to the resin printing world that saved me a ton a resin, a whole bottle of Tylenol,and lot of time compared to some of my other tries with other resins. So if you’re looking for a cost effective bottle of resin, at $25.00 a pop for a 1000mL bottle, this stuff is great for just about anything. I have yet to do anything other than minis and models but thus far, it’s rockin’ in my book.

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