Skyrim Ebony Dagger

Thanks to a varied collective of friends I am never short of challenges to keep me busy with things. This time one of my friends wanted me to make some daggers from the Skyrim game and here is the first to be completed, The Ebony Dagger. Now in all fairness, I don’t play Skyrim so you’ll have to forgive any variations between my rendition and the actual game model. I started with a model from Thingiverse here: If you check out the model there it’s rather blocky so right away you can see a LOT of work had to be done in order to make it more presentable. Also missing is all the carvings and etchings on the hilt and blade… those all had to be cut in using my handy dandy rotary tool and a LOT of patience. Something to pay attention to, I know it’s a standard practice to use as little infill as possible when printing parts but if you plan on doing any sort of carving into something, save yourself a lot of headache and just go right with 100% infill. This will prevent you from grinding through the shell and exposing voids where you’re trying to carve. After I had it all printed out I took and smoothed it out with a few passes of acetone on a makeup sponge. This helped to clean the surface of any dust left over from the carving and sanding as well as blended any little print line I might have missed when sanding. Once that dried it was outside for some Gap Filling Primer which I let set up half the day, flipped it over then did the other side and let it set up. Next came a basecoat of flat black paint. For this I just used the cheap .99 cent can from Wally World and let it set. With the entire blade now black I went in with some white paint and drybrushed the whole thing. In the reference image I had it was clear the blade was black and not metallic in nature so I didn’t use any metallics on this paint job, just the white. This produced an effect almost identical to the reference image while I’ll also post below. After that it was hit with some clear coat to protect the surface and now it’s ready for delivery.