Sneak Peek – The Plague Doctor’s Hat – UPDATED

An alternate title for this could be “Episode Fourteen – The Apology” as an apology for that last one I cobbled together. Instead, here’s a sneak peek at Episode Fourteen – The Plague Doctor’s Hat

So something I’ve been puttering with in the background of life has been the start of a complete head to toe Plague Doctor costume for cosplay, Halloween, plague outbreaks, zombie apocalypse, sale at Walmart…. you know, the usual stuff these days.

Working from the top is a logical place to start as the key feature that really tells just what this costume is, is the plague doctor mask. There is also a hat usually worn with the outfit so that is the focus of my work today. Now I am a bit ahead of the video because I already had the hat itself made.

The hat was made by following Tony’s “Pork Pie” hat tutorial and pattern but modifying it to add a wider brim, other than the brim, it’s just about the same. But it was plain, too plain for this costume.

Enter the Elegoo Mars SLA Printer and with some techno wizardry I was able to make some little beads and some raven skulls. In this upcoming video I show you the skulls printing, curing, cleanup, priming, painting, assembly, and the finishing of the hat.

If all goes according to plan I’ll get the video uploaded this weekend if not sooner. I go back onto nights tomorrow night so I’ll be wiped during the day but might have some time to get it banged out sooner and if I can I will.

This is just one more step towards bringing all my skills together and I hope you enjoy it.

UPDATE 8-11-20: I finished the video and it’s rendering in Vegas now, even had some fun making it, you’ll see. Here’s a couple more pics of the skulls on the hat to show the detail they each have on them. The pics really don’t this project justice so I will endeavor to get the actual camera out and take quality pics later this week on my 4 day weekend.

Here are links to the skulls on Thingiverse:

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