Team Tankee: Israeli Air Force Data Cards

One of the factions I love to play in Team Yankee is the Israeli’s, or as my friend calls them “The Son’s of Solomon”. But one thing I’ve noticed they lack is a lot of aircraft, vehicles, and in general, a lot of things that round them out. Sure they’re a really new country but they have been a country born of war right from the start and have taken everything they can get their hands on and used it.

So to help round out my army and help others get the most out of their Israeli force I’ve been working on some new data cards. There’s a couple of new rules on these cards that were brought up for discussion on the unofficial Team Yankee Facebook group that I like so I included them. Let’s go over them real quick:

  1. Interceptor: This allows for your aircraft to enter the field on the opponents turn, after they have placed their models but before they have fired. You have to roll for them to come on still, but this gives you a chance to shoot down your opponents aircraft. Downside to this is that your opponent’s AA still gets to shoot at you and you are stealing your next turn to bring your aircraft on. This also means that if they get shot down by AA trying to intercept, they’re gone and can’t come in on your later turns.
  2. Sling Loads: For the heavy lift transport helicopters like the CH-53 and others they have the ability to carry things slung underneath them. This gives them the ability to carry something like an LAV or APC underneath with the crew up in the helicopter, get to the deployment zone, touch down, and boogie. Normal loading and unloading rules apply as this is a well practiced procedure however… if the helicopter is shot down, there is no save for the slung vehicle. I opted to do it this way because it’s most likely that the helicopter is going to crash down on top of it thus creating on hell of a mess to try and sort out.

In addition to those rules, I’ve also modified the roles of the two aircraft I’ve started out with. Both the F-4 Kurnass and F-15 Baz are Multi-Role Aircraft meaning that they can attack both ground and air targets and are often equipped to do so on any given flight. Just the fact they both carry the Vulcan gun gives them ability to attack ground targets while at the same time engaging aircraft and helicopters.

When looking at the data cards you’ll notice they are loaded with Air to Air, and Air to Ground weapons. The point values are also higher to account for this. You’re going to pay for enjoying being able to pick and choose what you shoot at. There’s also a hidden gem on the F-15, the GBU-15 Guided Bomb which a fire and forget bomb with a 64″ range that means you can set your aircraft down on the table, range in ( hopefully ), drop the bomb, and go…

So without any further gilding the lily let’s get these cards loaded up so you can look at them and put them to use. If I can find a cost effective way to print them out I’ll be sure to let ya’ll know.

And no, this isn’t Iron Eagle so I am not including Anti-Tank values for Air to Air missiles…

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