Team Yankee: Chieftains

Did a little puttering around last night with some printed tanks for the Team Yankee game. These were originally printed for an order I jumped the gun on and the customer decided to change armies. No biggies.

So I started out by cleaning off the supports and knocking down any pin points where they connected and then hit them all with a base coat of just regular grey primer. I’ve noticed with these prints done on the SLA printer that I really don’t need to use a gap filling primer as I would on an FDM printer because at 5 microns, the layer height doesn’t product very noticeable layer lines.

Once that was dry I base coated the minis with some Rustoleum Camo – Deep Forest Green. This gave me a nice even military green look onto which I used my cheap Apple Barrel acrylics to paint on some black camo lines then chased the back edges with some blue grey.

The key to painting armies, small or large is to do them in a line. Do one part, such as the black lines on these, and just do each tank down the line. By the time you get to the last one in the line, the first one is dry and you can take it to the next step. Painting things this way, especially where repetition is required, not only speeds things up but it also helps to give your army a more cohesive look… like it was meant to be that way.

So once all of the detail was on the tanks I gave them a quick and very light drybrushing with some off-white acrylic to bring out the detail. Alternatively I could have gone with a black wash to add more detail and then drybrushed them but I was just playing and didn’t really feel like waiting for the wash to dry.

So there you have it, 5 little 1:100 scale Chieftain tanks suitable for the Team Yankee game or any other wargame that uses small scale armored vehicles.

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