Team Yankee Minis

Wargaming seems to be something I will never be able to get away from, and to be honest, never want to get away from. There’s so many different takes on it from fantasy to historical, to futuristic and outright fun… there’s always something to occupy the time.

My 40k friends recently decided to get into Team Yankee which if I am not mistaken is an offshoot of Flames of War. Anywho, the first request was for some M1A1 Abrams and 2 A-10’s and I said sure since I had just gotten the Elegoo Mars with making minis in mind.

Check it out…

Each of these took roughly 5-8 hours to print as the SLA printer time is based on height instead of area and standing these on end gives the best result with fewer visible print lines.

I am still in awe of the level of detail this printer is able to deliver. I had to go with a less detailed version of the A-10’s because the model I originally had just would not print right no matter what I did to it. This model, printed flawlessly both times right from the start.

UPDATE 8-5-20: Did a test print of the T-55 AM2 for the next order and it came out great, couldn’t resist doing a quick drybrush on it to make the detail pop… Czech it out !!!! <— see what I did there ???

Getting ready to print the army now… there’s 9 chassis crammed onto that little bitty build plate lol.

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