The Atlantean Sword

Since I was a kid I’ve always loved the Conan movies, comics, and such but one thing I could never get my hands on was a decent copy of the Atlantean sword that Conan finds in the tomb of the dead king that he falls into running from the dogs.

That being said, it’s time to bring about some high adventure and recreate this awesome sword using my 3D printers.

A Gentleman on one of the Facebook groups I’m in posted his rendition of the sword and I like it… I like it a lot. Check it out here:

Best of all, it’s free !!! Gotta love high quality and free. The only thing I noticed is that the scale is off lengthwise. Even using the hero measurements it seems rather stumpy. Could just be me, we’ll see.

What I’ve done is scale the model up and slice it into pieces that would easily fit onto my printer AND not take long to print so that warping would not be an issue. To solve the issue of it looking to stumpy, I’m going to reprint one of the middle blade pieces so it will seamlessly fit right in and give it a bit more length.

The Atlantean Sword sliced up for easier printing

And here’s what’ I’ve got so far:

75% Finished with printing it at .125 layer resolution and 50% infill on the Aurora A5 in ABS

Printing and assembly is complete. It’s probably going to be a bit before I can get it all sanded and smoothed, might even try and cheat with the XTC 3D to see what sort of time-saving I can get. My main focus lately has been working on the walls of the shop to get it all cleaned up and finished and take control of my workspace again.

Printing and assembly all completed, as you can see there’s actually another section added to the blade to give it the length I felt it should have.