The Carnevil Circus is in town !!!

Over on Patreon is a group called Heroes Infinite by Raging Heroes… now I just discovered them last month and was able to sneak in on an incredible bundle of angels that just knocked my socks off. Best of all, it only cost me $10.00 !!! Then, what really blew my socks off was what came next… just in time for Halloween this year…. The Carnevil Circus !!! Check out these pics:

ALL of these miniatures along with their detailed bases are included. I’ve already started printing this wonderful bundle of Hallow’s Eve Joy !!!

Should you want to get in on this bundle here’s a link, I get nothing out of this but you get access to a ton of awesome minis. Each month they put out a bundle like this, last month was the angels and I can only imagine what next month will bring… Turkey’s from the Abyss ??!?!?!?!?

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