The Carnevil Circus is INSANE !!!

I can’t believe the level of detail, except for the little friggin’ mushrooms… those are proving to be a complete pain in my arse as I seem to keep popping them off the bases when I remove the supports. Stupid mushrooms…

Anyhow, I’ve been printing away on these while cranking out the Team Yankee stuff and this is where I’m at now…

Several of the main figures printed and some cured, one painted and clear coated and omg he looks so cool.

Best of all, something I didn’t realize at the time or it was never mentioned, these are perfectly to scale with Games Workshop… soooooo that goblin on the pumpkin is perfectly in scale with the squig bouncy dudes. You know what that means right ??? I CAN MAKE A HALLOWEEN ARMY !!!

So yeah, that’s where I’m at now, still a LOT more to go and I haven’t even started on the Angels of Empyrean from last month which has a butt load more highly detailed figs to print.

Already talking to a wife about storage and display of these beauties, I want a nice corner display shelf with lights where I could put one set per shelf or something like that…. maybe rotate them out with the seasons or something.

Anyhow, doctor’s appointment here in a few hours to figure out why I keep flopping on the ground… I have a good idea why but we’ll see what he says.

And if this is your first time seeing anything about these figs, there’s another post on here with all the promo pics showing them off or you can just pop on over to Patreon and get them all for $10.00 !!!

That’s right… The cost of a meal at Whataburger and you can get a ton of miniatures each month. These things have so much detail you’ll go blind trying to paint it all… except this won’t give you hairy palms so it’s the better alternative !!!

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