The Idle Hands Workshop – Butt Crack of Dawn Edition

I was up bright and early this morning and got right out into the shop for some good ol’ fashioned quarantine fun…

Kicked off the morning with my usual cleaning up and then got into making some 90 degree clamping jigs to help keep boards lined up when making stuff like boxes. And of course there’s a jig I made for making them.

Then after that I dove headfirst into madness and started making my own articulated desk lamp… and let me tell you, when I say madness, I went all in. There’s curves, oak, walnut, brass, poplar, and the top piece itself looks almost like a landspeeder from Star Wars which it might yet become with May the 4th coming up.

Still have to make the actual clamp for the base and get the LEDs into the head piece but the articulation is complete and I’m pleased to say it works and is nice and tight. Had to take a break as I’m still a bit under the weather and it got hot out so yeah… break time.

I’ve made videos of everything so far so I’ll get them processed at some point. I’m so far ahead of the game at this point thanks to being sick and this whole quarantine crap it’s insane.

UPDATE 04/20/20: The lamp has been finished for a few days now and a couple of changes were made to it. I ended up going with the two LED light strips I had originally planned to use and finished up the clamping mechanism as well. It’s now clamped on my new desk and working great, looks good and lights things up nicely.