The Idle Hands Workshop YouTube Channel

It has been a VERY interesting week to say the least and I do mean interesting, full of ups, downs, side to side, and everything in between which has led up to this post.

Thanks to the encouragement of one Mr. Rex Krueger and my wife I have decided to take the plunge and start making videos of the mayhem that takes places in the shop and when I go out on runs for supplies and other things related to my addictions… er, ummmm, I mean hobbies and crafts.

Now there are still a few things I have to sort out this week in preparation and I need to tidy up the shop a little bit. That will be done after work the next three days and while I am on vacation I start playing with the camera in the shop.

I’m going to come out of the corner swinging and try to get settled into a pattern that will make this comfortable for me and fun for everyone. I am not and sadly can’t commit to any schedule for videos due to work but I will do what I can to put stuff up as much as possible when I do have the time.

I’m also going to follow the footsteps of Rex Krueger and many others by NOT accepting sponsorship offers, promotions, or placing commercials all through my videos. I like that model and feel it keeps the content much more “realistic” if that makes any sense. I want to make content that showcases me and my skills, not some big company and their products.

So please, check out the channel and keep checking the site here as well for news and updates, behind the scenes, tips, tricks, and everything else. The link for the channel is:

If all goes according to plan I should have a video up this week coming weekend, perhaps even two since I will be on vacation and can take the time to work on things in the shop.