The Idle Hands Workshop

Bet ya didn’t know I actually have a dedicated workspace did ya? Well I do, it’s a nice and big unfinished garage chocked full of tools and supplies… sadly it’s been unfinished for way too long.

The plan from the get go has been to insulate it and finish the walls but time and money were always in the way. Now I’ve managed to tackle both and insulate and finish the walls in a more cost effective manner that also gives me some stress relief and looks very nice in my opinion.

Right now it’s costing me $20 a roll for the insulation which conveniently covers a 4×8 section of the wall. This also gives me “chunks” to work on in that I can focus on a 4×8 section at a time.

The walls are being covered in slats of wood cut down from new and reclaimed lumber into 2″x1/4″ pieces that vary in length to fit the studs which I’ve learned are not evenly spaced. This makes it a bit more challenging but since I’m doing the walls in this manner it’s easy to adapt on the fly.

The plan is to keep working on it daily and keep it funded by selling things off from the shop like the excess of model kits I had. Ideally I would like to have all the insulation and walls finished before it starts getting hot out and the shop becomes a blast furnace. We’re hoping that with the walls finished my two little AC units can keep it tolerable in there. Presently they struggle to maintain it at 90 degrees during the hottest parts of the summer, be nice to get it in the 70’s.

So here’s where I’m at not… almost done with the first wall. This whole project is a learning experience as I’m using a lot of skills I learned in wood shop back in school when they actually taught things like that. As you can see I didn’t hang the insulation properly on the first section but after spending a night researching I’m now hanging it properly using the little edges and staples and yeah.

All of the boards are held on with brads then it’s given a quick sanding and then hit with Minwax Puritan Pine Stain to bring out the character of the wood more.

Home Depot and their 70% off wood pile has been awesome, we picked up a ton of 2x4x10’s for less than $10 the other day and I’ve been cutting them down for more slats on the table saw.

The overall goal is to get the unfinished garage finished. Once the walls are completed I’m going to work on getting some cabinets and shelving in place to help organize things and give me a place to mount tools and such.