The Next Doctor’s Sonic Screwdriver – 1 Day Print and Build

What collection of Sonic Screwdrivers would be complete without The Next Doctor’s Sonic Screwdriver from the Christmas Special “The Next Doctor” ? There’s a scene when the real Doctor asks Jackson Lake about his “sonic screwdriver” and Jackson taps it on the door frame and claims it makes noise so it’s sonic.

The build was simple, it prints in 2 pieces and took all of 3 hours to completely print, you can get the model here on Thingiverse: What I really liked about this was that no supports were needed which made this a nice clean print. I was able to sand some but not all of the layers off the handle and left them that way to simulate a wood grain. I painted the metal screwdriver part with silver then washed it with black and wiped it down to give it the aged look. The handle was painted brown and drybrushed with a sand colour to make it look more like wood. If you’re looking for a way to display this in your collection you can use this base by Asphalt over on Thingiverse: Print it but don’t use any of the inserts and the Next Doctor’s Sonic Screwdriver will fit right in.