The Pandorica

The Pandorica was a prison hidden under Stonehenge. It was built to hold the Doctor and ensure the safety of the Alliance. Despite being described time and again as the “perfect prison” by the Eleventh Doctor, it also proved to be “easy” to open from the outside; Rory Williams, on instruction from the Doctor, opened it with the sonic screwdriver. Having looked around on the web I really didn’t see anything with as much detail as I wanted for something that will one day be sitting on my shelves. To that end, I set about creating my own model and here it is. Clearly this is just a screenshot of the model itself with no colouring… what I’m hoping will happen is that I can get this printed with an SLA printer so all 6 sides have the detail on them and then I will paint it up all perty and stuff. Get the model itself here on Thingiverse: