The Red Tardis

Now before anyone jumps down my throat and begins preaching that the tardis was never red…. I know this, you know this and thank you for stating the obvious. In researching variations for the tardis to make to add to my growing collection I came across several interesting sites and links depicting a red tardis. Scratching my head I began delving deeper into my books and episodes and couldn’t find any references to the tardis being any other colour than blue ( excluding the Happiness Patrol where it was painted pink ). So where does the red tardis come from? There’s a few possibilities and one of them I am really keen on… and it’s because the lighting in an episode or two, one of which, the interior of the tardis turned red as an alarm alerting the Doctor to danger. This red colour probably leaked out of the windows and door cracks, joint seems, etc and in the right external lighting and the right angle, it’s possible the tardis could look red. Could also mean that whoever started this whole red tardis thing is in need of a television upgrade or adjustment at the very least…. but regardless, it’s safe to say the red tardis is a myth and never existed in any episode. SO….. why did I make a red tardis ??? Because I could and I thought it would look kind of cool red… who knows, I might make a neon green one someday as well lol. I think me wife would have my balls if I did that.