The Special Weapons Dalek

It’s official, I am now printing a model of the Special Weapons Dalek from the 1988 episode “Remembrance of the Daleks” in addition to several other cameos. I started out with a model that needed a LOT of work and grabbed a bunch of reference pics from the web for the rework. Once I had it in a workable state I set about adding more detail, correcting details, and splitting it for printing. All said and done it took me about a week between my job and family to get finished but I am totally thrilled to be printing it today. I was so bored with the one Dalek model I had, and I realize there’s a lot of variations that could be done with it, but it’s all just different colour schemes really. The Special Weapons Dalek represents something totally different from the normal Daleks and will definitely be something that stands out on the shelf when it’s finished later this weekend. If you want to get the model, you can grab it here: Doctor Who – Special Weapons Dalek by me: I’ve split it up to be printed without supports and right now I can confirm the shoulder section will print without supports at 0.125 layer thickness. The only tricky piece will be the gun because of the 4 small tubes that go along the outside of the barrel, I’m thinking if my printer can’t pull it off I’ll just take some wire and bend it to shape for those. I’ll get some pics posted of mine once I get it all printed and start building it so keep an eye out here if you’re interested. UPDATE 11/20/18: I finished printing it and couldn’t keep my hands off it so the pics are of it all assembled with some cleanup done to the model. Two things I’ve noticed will be corrected. One is that the gun is way too long, in the reference pics it’s actually quite stubby and somehow a bit of detail was lost in translation so that’s being corrected. The other is that the skirt and the hemispheres had some issues that I’ll correct by enlarging the skirt itself by 1mm. But other than that, I’m loving it. I did end up having to use some wire for the tubes on the barrel of the gun as well and my joint for the waist section was “hardened” by the addition of an m5x20 screw and nut to keep the top from falling off and keeping things lined up when you rotate the top. So yeah, here it is. UPDATE 11/21/18: Finished getting it all together and painted it up.