The Traveler EDC Belt Pouch

One of the things I wanted to do was make a new belt pouch thingy. I saw a lot of these on Wish and got inspired to make my own, didn’t look that hard and to be honest, it wasn’t.

I set about making a template from card stock and then cut out the leather. From here on out I made a few mistakes but recovered from them and was left with a nice little belt pouch that carries the bare essentials I need with me on a day to day basis at work. This is also a LOT slimmer than my current EDC. The only thing really lacking from this new one is a place to carry my vape and juice as well as a couple of pens, but that can easily be taken care of by a secondary attachment on the other hip if I really decide I have to absolutely have it.

Right now this new EDC carries my cell phone, my 3 credit cards in a removable minimalist wallet, which also conceals a folding credit card knife. It’s made from 5oz vegetable tanned leather, saddle stitched together with orange thread and set off with a U.S. Army concho. Now I know I should have used yellow thread but I originally wasn’t thinking of using that concho, it just kind of happened. 90% of this project just kind of happened. Another “Just kinda happened” feature is that the two tabs with the D rings on them can be rotated and the whole thing can be worn cross body under the arm… neat eh? Now I have to make a strap to go with it lol.

I have designs to make the plans available on the site once I figure out how to do that so they print out properly and to scale. They may not work for everyone and you may have to do some tweaking depending on your stitching, thickness of leather, etc.. I’ll get some more pics loaded up once the video we shot the other night finishes uploading so bear with me.

UPDATE 8-20-2020: So after a couple of days of using my new EDC I’ve noticed some “design flaws” that I will need to address before releasing the pattern. These are things I feel that prevent this accessory from being an actual usable article for someone’s EDC:

  • The slits used to hold that wallet in place prevent the cell phone from easily sliding in or out.
  • The overall compartment for the cell phone is not big enough to allow for a case on the cell phone so it’s a naked phone or nothing at all.
  • the whole thing rides too low on the hip, the belt tabs should be a bit lower, almost mid-way on the pouch.
  • need room for pens/vape/juice/pill-tube

Just some tweaks that I think will make this better and more desirable for someone who actually is accustomed to carrying something on an everyday basis as I am. I rely on my EDC to be uniform and functional. I like to know it works and I like to be able to grab things in it, on it, from it, etc. knowing that they’re going to come out smoothly, go back in smoothly, and I don’t have to look or fuss about with them.

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