The Xenorex

Because an Alien or T-Rex isn’t bad enough on they’re own… this thing just screams print me big !!!

So that’s what I’m doing, 150% scale of the model ( maybe more ). This is another work in progress that will be printed and assembled so I can finish it after my surgery while I’m supposed to be relaxing and laying in bed.

Right now I’ve got the base printing and man, this thing is gonna be big… might have to get some little Predator models to hang out of its mouth and scatter around the base lol.

Printing is finished on this bad boy so now he’ll sit until after my surgery so I can work on him while I recover.

The plan is to get all the gaps filled and stuff smoothed out and for that I’ll use a combination of gap filler, gap filling primer, and to give it that special organic and slimy look, some epoxy and/or resin. Once that’s all done I plan to hit with a gloss black paint and then brush the whole thing with graphite powder to give it that distinct look before wrapping it all up with some drippings made from model cement or 2 ton epoxy.

So here he is all printed and assembled. Pretty hefty model since I printed him at 150% of scale. Next step is going to be a quick pass at cleaning up some lines and stuff then hitting it with the XTC 3D to start smoothing it out some.

With the XTC 3D on I was able to clean up some more lines but then some got more confusing and I decided it was better to just go ahead and hit it with primer and start with the glazing putty to fill things in. So once the primer dries, that’s what will be happening next.

Working more on the Xenorex this week has gotten me to the point where it is painted, itself, now I’m trying to decide how I want to do the base and not lose the detail of the dead alien queen between its legs.

For the painting process I first wanted to try out using graphite powder to give it that metallic look common on the aliens, it didn’t work as well as I was hoping so I moved onto to my tried and true dry-brushing method which worked a lot better but is still lacking. I needed to go with different shades of black and greys to get the metallic effect and I see it now after it’s all sealed up…. so when I do another of these much bigger I’ll know which route to go.