Upcoming Video Project – FREE Template

Coming up this week I’m going to be making a new key holder, leash holder, hat holder, whatever you want to hang from it and it’s going to be based on my shop buddy Boomer. That’s right, we’re making a Dachshund key holder for mounting to the wall.

The plan is on Tuesday to head out into the shop with the template below and cut it out, and get it finished, post the video and yeah. So here’s the template.

This should print easily on a standard sheet of paper right from most printers. set it to landscape, or even portrait if you want to make a smaller one. I’m going to figure out what wood I’ll use on Tuesday when I get out to the shop so who knows where this will go… might end up making a couple of them.

The hangers themselves will be dowels but I imagine you could use those little brass hanger things just as easily. I’ve marked the locations on the template for them.

Hardest parts of this I can see right now are going to be the tail since it’s thin, and then cutting out under the belly and between the two back legs.

So if you want to get a head start on this before I do, knock yourself out and post you pics over on the Idle Hands Workshop Facebook page !!! I would love to see how you do these and your choices in woods and finishes.

Time to get your love of wieners on !!!