Upcoming Wooden Computer Build Video… IT WORKS !!!

So in wanting to bring my hobbies and crafts more into sync with one another I thought about building a wooden computer case. This was something I toyed with decades ago when I owned a computer shop and the results were ok, the case was basically a block of wood that had a computer inside… wasn’t really all that. Of course back then we were also working 486 computers and a DX2 was top of the line… wow, memories lol.

So what I have gone and created is a Mini-ITX Nutmeg computer in a wooden case. Why this board? Because I had it, I wasn’t using it, it was “expendable” and therefore safe to experiment with. Add all that with the small size of the board and that face it doesn’t require a huge cooling fan and everything is built on board, it made for a VERY appealing launching point. The best part of this board is that it doesn’t even require a power supply like a more traditional motherboard, instead it runs off an AC adapter like a laptop has ( more on this later also ).

So into the shop I went last night and spend about 4 hours laying out the pieces and parts and cutting wood, gluing stuff together, assembling things on the fly, fabricating mounts, etc… and in the end. I now have a nice tiny little computer sitting on my desk that once finished and all set up will hopefully render videos without slowing down my main computer.

So here’s some teaser pics of the project:

I chose plywood also because lately I’m really digging the layers and when it’s all finished it really does bring a LOT of character to the finished projects I’ve used it for. Maybe later on next week I’ll post a gallery of some of the plywood projects I’ve made lately just to showcase that you can actually make some nice things using the exposed edges of plywood.

Best of all, as it sits right now, this computer has cost me NOTHING !!! The computer was something I got in a trade with a friend because he didn’t want the tower and I’m a hoarder so I took it. The plywood came from one of the off cuts we got from Home Depot that was free as well. So other than elbow grease it cost me NOTHING. How’s that for awesome?

So here it is sitting on the desk with my new light on top of it as well. I am actually writing this post using the new computer !!! So cool I think. I’ve still got to do some work on the case itself and add a power button somewhere and I am still torn about adding the I/O panel on the case… it would help some but then it would also make it look more like a computer…

As for the power supply I mentioned earlier. The one that I had for the computer died and I thought the board was fried, so as a last ditch effort I tried a laptop power supply I had that matched the settings and viola, it came to life and fired right up !!!

I am so happy and can’t wait to share the video with ya’ll when I get it finished. I’ve got a couple of other videos to finish up before this one but it’s coming soon so be on the lookout for it !!!

And just for reference in case I need to know or anyone asks, here’s the specs on the computer at the moment… already getting some things to make it a week bit better…

  • Intel Pentium J2900 Quad Core Processor @ 2.41ghz
  • Mini-ITX Nutmeg Mainboard
  • Integrated Intel HD Graphics
  • Integrated Realtek ACL659 Audio
  • 8gb DDR3 SODIMMs – PC3L 12800 @ 1600mhz
  • 1tb Western Digital SATA Hard Drive
  • Realtek RTL8166EH-CG Network w/onboard WiFi

So all said and done, not a lot to talk about with this little computer, it’s all nice and neat and tidy and compact with no room for a lot of froo froo crap that isn’t really needed for most people.

UPDATE 4-15-20: Managed to get some more work finished on the case, rather intensive work at that. I decided that after using the computer for a week or so that I actually did need the I/O ports on the front… well, I added them to the top. I also decided to incorporate Bluetooth to the system. Now all I’m waiting on is the power button and then I will get this project all buttoned up and a video posted.