UPDATED – Soviet Mi-24 D Helicopter 1:100 model coming soon for sale

Just wrapped up the model for the Soviet Mi-24 Hind D and will be doing a test print of it later tonight. This model will be available as a printed kit ready for you to assemble ( in as few pieces as possible ) and fly over your enemies to deliver death from above.

Price is yet to be determined and I will know more once I get it sliced it up and ready for print so keep an eye on this post if you’re interested and I will update it as I work on this today.

UPDATE 1/27/2021: First print completed, accidentally snipped off the front gun thinking it was support material but other than that it looks great. Putting into the UV bath overnight and then I’ll get it cleaned up and primed tomorrow and ready for paint.

UPDATE 1/28/2021: Did some work on the flight stand. Figured since the competition includes flight stands I need to as well. There’s going to be at least two risers included, one for hovering and one for flight. There’s room for the die at the front of the base or where I like to put a small plaque with the nomenclature of the vehicle as well as a recess in the top of the riser for a 5mmx1mm magnet.

UPDATE 2/3/2021: So I’ve had a run at assembling these and I wanted to keep in mind how an “average” person might assemble so I kept my hands away from the putty and sand paper and all the other stuff to see how they would look with just the bare minimum of attention given to the assembly process… and to be honest, they look damn good.

Now you’ll have to forgive the warped rotor blades, that is completely my fault and was caused because I got over excited and ahead of myself. What I did was assemble the rotors BEFORE curing them, so when I put them into the UV bath they picked up a curve because they weren’t laying flat like they would normally if they weren’t attached to the hub.

So the assembly is really straightforward. The tail section has a tab that slots into the fuselage, this needs to be sanded down so it fits snugly into the slot. Both mating surfaces need to be sanded so you can minimize the gap between the two pieces as much as possible. Important note, there is supposed to be a seam there as it’s actually part of the aircraft design which is why I chose to split the model there. So keep that in mind if/when you go to use putty to close that gap up.

Other than that the rotors have a sort of key system that means all you need to do is put a dab of glue on the hub and slot the blade over the tab and wait a sec. I will do a complete write up for assembly once I get these listed for sale. Still a few days before I can do that as I am also trying to broker a couple deals for more 3D printers…. cuz one can never have too many right ???

So that’s where we’re at now. The model is sound, it has been printed and assembled and painted without problem so I believe it’s ready for production. I do have one project to finish up for a local shop this week and then it’s going to be balls out with Hinds for a while. I will offer rotors separate so you can purchase them to replace your Battlefront rotors if need be.

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