Video – Articulated Oak and Walnut LED Desk Lamp

Welcome to the Idle Hands Workshop, in this video I wrap up my day in quarantine working on my new oak and walnut articulated LED desk lamp which ends up being cut short and carried over to the next morning. I do apologize ahead of time, I get a bit goofy in this one so bear with me.

I had a lot of fun doing this little project and it is super bright and useful when the wife is trying to sleep and I need some light right over my workstation in the bedroom. There was one slight hiccup after I made this video that I corrected…

When it came down to the wiring of the LED strips apparently the ones I had weren’t really meant to be cut and soldered as it just created one hell of a nightmare no matter how well I soldered them and I ended up harvesting the LED strips from the original lights I showed at the beginning of the build. So those are now in place and working perfectly and without flaw.