VIDEO – Repairing the Heated Bed

Welcome to the Idle Hands Workshop, in this episode I’m going to be repairing the chipped glass on my DaVinci Duo’s heated bed for the second and last time.

Using a sheet of 20g Aluminum and some double sided adhesive sheet I’m going to cover the bed and the chipped areas. This will allow me to use the whole bed instead of trying to place things around the chipped out areas.

This is a very simple process and does not require any special tools, use what you have available but be careful because that thin gauge aluminum will leave a nasty cut.

Now, despite having to replace the heated bed twice already, I would still HIGHLY recommend this 3D printer because right out of the box it’s about as idiot proof as a 3D printer can get. Combined with the multitude of aftermarket support for firmware alternatives, upgrades, etc., it’s a great entry level printer. Sad thing is, looking at it now, I paid $1200 for mine when it first came out and you can get it on Amazon where I bought mine for under $500. Check out the link below for more information

In all fairness to XYZ as well, the reasons for replacing the heated bed were caused by ID10T errors so it was no fault in manufacturing or design, just my own r-tardation that led to me replacing it. But I’ve had this thing for like 5 years now and it still rocks.