Well that was a fun year… NOT !!! Welcome to 2021 !!!

So with 2020 behind us by a few hours now I’d like to say welcome to 2021. For me it’s already gone to hell in a hand basket.

Yesterday at about 0530 I was hit by one of my Hemiplegic Migraines out of the blue and it happened so fast. We don’t know what triggered it but I was getting ready to go to work and the wife turned on the overhead light like usual and that was it, she said I was able to get out “fireflies” which is how I let her know the aura has started… then it was lights out. So now my speech is shot and my left side muscle weakness is kicked into overdrive. But wait it gets better…

So many of you who know me, know I no longer go to air shows or out to watch fireworks because I have PTSD and explosions that aren’t familiar tend to set it off. Well guess what was going of all around last night. Yup, didn’t take you three guesses did it? So in addition to being screwed up from the migraine attack, I had to deal with that also. Seems 2020 didn’t get enough q-tips up my nose ( 9 times total btw ) it needed to give me a good solid kick or two in the nads. Well it’s over, bye, nice knowing you 2020, NOT.

And enough of that crap, I’m determined to get over and through this so what I’m working on now is getting some models together to print and sell for folks. I’ve got a long list of requests and some personal wants to work on and now that the supply lines for resin and filament have opened back up I intend to start cranking things out with a quickness.

Here’s a quick rundown of some of the things I hope to have completed by the end of January and possibly into February:

  • Soviet Ilyushin 2 Sturmovik
  • Syrian T-34/122
  • MAZ-7310 SCUD Launcher
  • Merkava Mk. II
  • Soviet TOPOL Ballistic Missile Launcher
  • Soviet S7 Pion 203mm Self Propelled Howitzer
  • M110 203mm Self Propelled Howitzer
  • Soviet Mi-24 Hind-D
  • Soviet Mi-24 Hind-A

Now several of these are well under way as I’ve been working on them here and there so the ones are mostly finished will get put out in that order.

I also intend to release my own line of gaming and model accessories such as buildings, figure bases, terrain, and other little things that can be cranked out easily.

So here’s a few pics of things to come :

And this is how we’re going to kick off 2021. I’ve got plenty of resin and filament on hand and on the way including a bottle I won from the Elegoo Facebook Group after promoting another brand that I use with the Mars.

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