What’s coming up ??? Ordinance Packs and more…

In keeping up with the modeling trend I’ve been on I will be working on improving existing models I have made, primarily the SU-25 Frogfoot at the moment. I started going one way with it and went another and need to clean it up some more.

I am also going to make a couple of collections of ordinance packs that can be used on various aircraft to help you more accurately represent your force or to add some bling to them and make your opponent ask “What the hell is that ?!?!?”

Just some of the new ordinance being modeled for various aircraft

I really want to start getting caught up more and work on new models but right now I just can’t get past wanting to perfect the Frogfoot. I did some test prints of my own and wasn’t happy with the results which means back to the drawing board, and I am hoping that V3 will turn out better and be the last… third time’s a charm right ???

I have more helos I plan on making, some of them are already started, others are just notes. With that in mind I have also started to amass a collection of small reference books which were put out during the Cold War and are a decent quick look for measurements and such, nothing more than a page or two of each item but just the right amount of vital information to use when making models.

Right now I am once again pulling overnights so that’s presently limiting me on stuff I want to do outside, and honestly inside for that matter. Whole lot of go to work and come home and go to sleep or work on something for an hour then go to bed so I’m well rested for work.

Update on the shoulder, looks like at the end of the month they’re going to go in and do a nerve block, if that works then they’re going to install a pain stimulator to help control the pain. Getting more movement out of it, just hurts like hell even when I’m not doing anything.

Anyhow, just wanted to drop a quick little update on life in general before heading into work for the night…. again…

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