When life gives you lemons, buy hand planes !!

On the 27th of September I went and had surgery on my left shoulder to fix an injury that happened back in October of last year when my horse, Samson, got spooked and I didn’t get the memo that the ground is not as soft as it was when I was 16. Needless to say I damaged my rotator cuff and some other squishy bits in my shoulder which needed to be taken care of. So I had the surgery and now I am really hating life because everything is a challenge now since I am basically only able to use my left hand and can’t lift anything more than a 12oz. can.

So what do you do when you can’t do anything you want to do ??? You go shopping and get all kinds of goodies for the shop that you can’t even use yet because of the surgery but you want them all the same.

I was fortunate enough to have some spending money and decided to hit up eBay and see what I could find, and boy what I found… whole lot of Defiance planes !!! There was also a bunch of Eclipse planes ( I’ll get those later ).

What interests me the most about the 4 planes I have coming in is that 1 of them is listed as a Defiance 1202… well there wasn’t a Defiance 1202 hand plane, the Defiance 1202 is a marking awl. There is however, an Eclipse 1202… so the price was right and I took the plunge and it’s on the way now. The measurements will give me the answer I’m hoping for.

I was also able to grab a 1204c which has the corrugated bottom. First one of these I’ve had yet as they always got snagged up.

Then there are a couple other ones and I’m also working on a low-angle block plane to add to the collection. Here’s some pics of what’s coming over the next few days:

Other recent additions to the shop include a second hand Kobalt Radial Arm Saw WITH A LASER !!!! I also purchased a small vice to go on the end of the workbench until I get things sorted out and build a Moxon vice and proper tail vice. Picked up some sandpaper for the belt sanders, some more casters for a new cart, a new Wen Digital Micrometer, and I’m sure I’m missing some things but oh well.

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