Why I love Home Depot

So one place I absolutely love going to, I mean you don’t even have to ask to me twice, is Home Depot. There’s always new stuff that catches my eye, things that inspire me, and materials to be had… sometimes just for the asking or even at a whopping 70% off !!!

Tonight we were there to purchase the last two outdoor lights they had on clearance and while there I needed to get a project board from which to make the plaques to mount the lights on before attaching them to the garage.

Well while we were over at the project boards the wife noticed a nice stack of boards standing behind the saw they use for cutting lumber and panels for people. We asked about them and the guy told us they would just be tossed out at the end of the night !!!

Now let me tell you, this is the expensive plywood you get when you’re making high end stuff, it’s the really nice sanded on both sides Baltic Birch type stuff with no voids and costs about $50 for a 4×8 sheet. What we scored was well over a sheet and half and cost us nothing more than asking the guy about it.

The other thing I like is the 70% off lumber cart they usually have. It’s been slim pickings lately but we did score some decent looking 2″x2″ pieces of pine that had aspirations of becoming hockey sticks at some point in their life. The good thing is, they’re 10′ long which means there’s still 8′ of straight and usable wood there and I’m sure even the curved pieces have a use for something.

So in short, free plywood and 70% off lumber is just a couple of the reason I love going to Home Depot !!! Add to that the customer service and I’m a very happy person, they’re always happy to help ( might take them a minute or two but hey, when they work they work ).

Now to figure out what to do with this luscious bounty, I’m not used to having this kind of high grade wood in the shop so I’m very hesitant to even breathe on it at the moment.

This is in no way a sponsored posting or endorsement, it’s just an appreciation of what I’ve been fortunate enough to receive thanks to the kind and helpful folks at our local Home Depot !!!