YouTube Trailer is up !!!

After a lot of failed attempts with poor quality video equipment and other assorted issues I was finally able to get something put together on my last day of my vacation.

What I had planned to be a full length build video of the stitching was splintered quite literally by a crappy piece of cedar that did exactly that… splinter at every turn no matter what I did. I tried to work through the first few problems but it just kept happening until there was nothing more I could do.

So I just decided to scoop Boomer up and do an intro to the channel and later this week I will go grab a nice piece of oak or poplar or something and we’ll do a proper build video of the stitching pony.

In the meantime, check out the channel to the trailer, like and subscribe so you’ll be kept up to date when new videos get posted. When I post build videos they’ll include tip sheets, tool lists, and plans for you to use in making your own.

So here it is: