Hand Plane Life After Death

So a week or two ago I picked up a half dozen or more hand planes of various sizes and brands for a good price but one of the ones I really wanted, the Miller’s Falls, was too far gone to restore and use. The main reason I wanted it was because our last name is Miller.

So I got to thinking, why not turn it into a decoration? And so I stopped what I was doing and treated it basically like a rat-rod. Didn’t bother cleaning off the rust from the cheeks or trying to smooth out the pitting or chipping on the rest of it. Instead I just hit it with a couple coats of paint and didn’t even try to cover everything, just sort of let it do what it wanted to do. When it was all done I slapped some gloss coat on it and put some craft foam on the sole so it wouldn’t scratch up a table or glass and that’s gonna be it.

So there’s just one thing you can do with a plane that’s beyond repair and just too far gone to bother trying to repair or find replacement parts for. Think it turned out pretty nice.

And of course I had to get a pic with my super awesome wife in the background.