Stanley Defiance Restoration

So with the Stanley 220 Block Plane 90% complete I started working on the Defiance 1205 and got the lever cap all cleaned up and repainted and as I sat here looking at it I thought something was missing… but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it…

Then it hit me… I saw a plane at one of the antique malls this week that had the DEFIANCE by Stanley sticker on the lever cap. So I set out searching for a picture of it and all I could find were some crappy and ever so tiny and horribly taken images of the logo which only frustrated me and pushed to do something drastic.

On the left is clearly the original, and while I wanted to keep true to the look and feel I also wanted to put a little stank on it to make it my own. So I kept the original colors and layout, gave it some nice sexy hips, and gave the font a nice kick in the arse. All in all I’m pleased with how it turned out and if tomorrow goes right I’m going to the sign shop to see if they can make this for me so I can get the lever cap wrapped up.

In theory tomorrow starts a 4 day weekend so there will be a LOT of me time going on which means…. oh yeah… lot of dirt and dust in the shop ladies and gentlemen. Be sure to check back here for updates on the Stanley Defiance 1205 Restoration and also be on the lookout for some other new post regarding some new toys I picked up this week at the antique malls.

UPDATE 2-5-2020: So the new logo stickers are already being made and I will also make them available for sale should anyone want to put them on their restorations.

Along with the logos being off to the printers I spent some time working on the 1205 itself today and got quite a bit finished on her. Sorry for not going into a lot of detail on the restoration but I will explain why I didn’t and most likely won’t in a future post or video shortly.

I’ve gotten the main body, blade, chip breaker, and lever cap ( minus the logo sticker ), and frog completed and assembled together. Still have to work on the front knob which I don’t think is the right one for this plane so I will have to locate a proper one. All that’s really left now is cleaning up the rear adjustment knob and putting it on as well as the front knob I do have for now.

UPDATE 2-10-2020: It’s complete !!! The decals arrived today and I got it on the lever cap. Here’s the completed and ready for service Stanley Defiance 1205 all perty and looking good. If anyone would like the decal for the lever cap I’ll make them available for sale shortly here on my site.