MH-6, OH-6, and MD-500 Models

So I wanted to take a stroll down a different road, something apart from the tanks and planes and work on some helicopters. They’re different, they’re fun, and it’s amazing how many variations you can make from just one base model.

What I have in the works at the moment is three little birds. These are very light, very agile, and equally very deadly little helicopters that can have a variety of uses. They’re all based off of the OH-6. One of them is setup to drop a small elite force, another is designed to take out tanks and such, and another is setup to be a gunship of sorts with a variety of weapons available.

Right now I have the OH-6 and MD-500 which is the Israeli version outfitted with missile pods on each side.

As I get the models more refined and finished out, test printed, painted, and a new flight stand setup for these little things, I will more than likely list them for sale on for purchase so you can print them out and have fun with these tiny little whirly birds of death.

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