What the hell have you done ???

Soooooo yeah, I know it’s been a long long time since I actually embarked on this venture and I owe ya’ll some videos and some tutorials and some yeah… but check this out… we got horses !!!! Let me explain…

It all started out about 2 or three months back when my wife met a girl at a yard sale over at an old friends place that boards horses. One thing led to another, my wife and this girl became friends, this girl has horses and my wife now goes with her to feed them and I get to play with one of them on occasion. But that’s not how we got horses, that just rekindled the embers from when we had horses about 5 or 6 years back.

Anyhow, Kristy and I decided we wanted horses of our own, so we started looking and I stumbled on a post on the EquineNow website offering wild caught Mustangs for $125.00 each. Well one of the horses we used to have was a wild mustang so we decided to get another one. Off we went to go get a mustang… well….. that’s when things kinda went pear shaped and we learned that the horse trailer we had wasn’t mustang proof and we had to do some on site repairs which made it damn near indestructible. But somewhere prior to that it was decided that we weren’t getting just one mustang… nope, we were getting two of them. That’s right. TWO wild mustangs !!!

Ashildr and Arya

In the picture for this post you can see them. They are named Ashildr and Arya. Ashildr is mine, she’s the bay with the fleece padded halter on her head and Arya is a dun and belongs to my wife.

So now that we have horses and I’ve explained all that, let’s talk about some upcoming projects I’ll be getting into and working on and hopefully making videos of as time permits.

Aside from the horses and all the stuff I’ll be building for them, I also now have a car that Kristy and I will be rebuilding. It’s a 1989 Toyota Celica ST with a blown engine, THAT STILL RUNS !!! Next up is a pair of kayaks that we need to fill in some tiny holes on before we can use and I have to build outriggers for Kristy’s since she has seizures we can’t have her tipping over if she has one on the kayak, I need time to get over to her. And then there’s the ever growing world of 3D printing and the Peopoly which is still being rebuilt after a freak power outage that killed it. I’ve almost replaced every board in the damn thing at this point.

The 1989 Toyota Celica ST

And that’s where we’re at right now… WHOLE LOT OF PROJECTS to work on and an endless supply of content from which to make videos at the drop of a hat. I also have some new equipment and a whole new phone that shoots in 4k so expect some better quality videos as well.

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