You never know when or where…

So today I was feeling just plain blah after a long night at work. I took a nap which lasted longer than I intended. The original plan for the day was to make a delivery of miniatures, deposit the money in the bank, spend a little, shop online with some, and kind of chill out. But I just felt like total crap so things kind of went a different route.

As I mentioned I took a nap so it was later in the day before the wife and I even left the house. I decided to hit the bank and do my online shopping from my phone real quick since I already had everything in my cart… so with that done I knew what I had left to spend and I wanted to hit a couple of Thrift Stores.

Normally I’m not looking for vintage hand tools or anything like that at the thrift stores because when I do find them they’re in such bad shape it’s not worth the time to get them or do anything with them. Welllllll after about the 4th thrift store I saw something that just had to come home with me.

And old Stanley Handyman Bit Brace and Lufkin Tape Measure both in nice working order with a delightful patina on them. For less than $6.00 they both came home with me. It has been a while since I actually bout any vintage hand tools or even looked for any so it just goes to show you never know when or where you’ll find them so keep an eye out !!!

Plans for these are to bring them back into service so knock off the rust and just basically give them a good cleaning. They’re not high dollar collector items so no need to go all out on them, they’re just neat old hand tools.

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